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Glad you are here to get to know us!



NZ DOG BOX began business out of a small garage in 2015. All began with a thought that all dogs deserve the best in their life as they give us unconditional love. They deserve the best to make them healthy and happy! And we wanted NZ DOG BOX to make that job easy and simple for you.


Managing Director

I am Stella Lee

and decided to run NZ DOG BOX because I love dogs and cats so much, and care about their daily life. I used to work as a vet tech at an animal emergency centre. After taking over NZ DOG BOX, I work as a casual vet tech at a general practice. By taking care of so many dogs as a vet tech and as a dog owner, I know what they need in their daily life to live a healthy and happy life! And I want to utilise my knowledge and experience to increase quality of life of dogs in New Zealand through NZ DOG BOX. 

Product Master

I am Dubu

working at NZ DOG BOX HQ day and night to test treats, toys and accessories for our NZ DOG BOX friends! Our previous tester, Yami, handed-over her job to me from 2019. I get to play with so many toys and eat treats so I loooove this job so much! I also take this job very seriously for our NZ DOG BOX pack. If any product does not pass my quality test, we don't put it in our selection. Have any product you want me to test? Let me know through info@nzdogbox.co.nz (Attn:Dubu).