What is NZ DOG BOX?

NZ DOG BOX is a monthly subscription box for your dog. It includes five to six randomly selected natural dog treats and premium products all carefully selected by dog scouts and delivered to your door step every month. Our team will carefully choose products each month to match your dog's size and conditions. The products will change every month to give variety to your dog and introduce new products.

What products are included in the NZ DOG BOX?

The products include natural dog treats made from NZ, AUS, the USA, the UK and around the world. The premium products are from well-known brands around the world carefully chosen for your dog.

How do we choose what product brands to include in NZ DOG BOX?

The most important thing we look for when choosing a product is the well-being of your dog. Our treat vendors only use natural and premium ingredients from around the world. For premium products, we priorities products that are safe to your dog and also to the environment.

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