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LOOKUT All-in-one Pet Nail Clipper

$56.50 - $64.00

Product Description

🌼 Suitable for small and medium dogs. Clipping your cat and dog's nail can't be easier with this LOOKUT All-in-one nail clipper 🌼

💎Used and tested by NZDB staff members - we ALL LOVE IT!!!!! 💎

• Are you nervous to cut your pet's nails because you don't know how much to cut?
• Have you ever made your pet bleed and panicked?
• Have you ever had to go to a vet because you cut your pet's nail too short and make it bleed?
• Does your pet hate being nail clipped?
• Do you have pets with dark nails so can't see blood vessels well?
• Do you get annoyed by cut nails flying all over the room?

Then you must get this nail clipper!

❗️Suitable for small and medium sized dogs only (e.g. miniature Poodles, Bichon frisé, Maltese, Japanese spitz, Pomeranians, Schnauzers, etc)
❗️Not for dogs with thick nails (e.g. Staffordshire Bull Terrier, French Bulldog, American Bulldog, etc)
❗️Always check permeability of your dog's nail with your smartphone LED light before making a purchase

We're so excited to bring this product to our NZDB friends. As pet professionals (vet nurse, pet groomer and so on), we have seen so many of our human and pet customers being traumatised by nail clipping. We all have used this LOOKUT All-in-one nail clipper on our own pets, and WOW!!! it made nail clipping so easy and fun for us and our pets! LOOKUT All-in-one Pet nail clipper has everything in one:

🌼High-brightness LED to illuminate blood vessel in even dark nails
🌼Exclusive Case in given as a GIFT
🌼Permanent use
🌼Diamond nail grinder attachment (don't need to change the tool in between nail clipping and grinding! or purchase a grinder separately!)
🌼Cut nail collection window
🌼Snack stand so your pet can enjoy treats during nail clipping time
🌼Strong cutting edge so no bending or breaking of nails
🌼The one and only certified pet nail clipper in the world!

🐕 Top Quality Product
🚚 No-Profit Shipping Fee
🤗 Satisfaction Guaranteed